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Cyber Collegiate is a network and community of US college students, focused on rapidly eliminating the cybersecurity skills gap by recruiting, inspiring and advancing students via college cybersecurity clubs and related organizations.

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In 2021, the Cyber Collegiate movement started in colleges across the nation...






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Be part of the initiative

Join the movement and make sure your college is represented on the Cyber Collegiate pledge. Join the Cyber Collegiate to start a new club, strengthen your college cybersecurity club, or to start running cybersecurity activities with a related organization (e.g. computer science club, coding organization, gaming group or any STEM-related college club or team).

To register your organization on the Cyber Collegiate pledge and get your college on the map, simply complete the Cyber Collegiate registration form (you will need to verify the provided email address to complete the registration, so check your inbox after submitting).

Collaborate and share knowledge with likeminded individuals

Once part of Cyber Collegiate, your club will be able to collaborate, share knowledge, access great speakers, and compete with your peers.

Get exclusive activity packs from Cyber FastTrack

Once you have registered your college with Cyber Collegiate, you will gain free access to a recruitment kit and a "start your cyber club" kit. From posters, to video libraries, recruitment email templates to resources - you'll have everything you need to kick start your club.

No Cyber Collegiate club on your campus? Become a Cyber Collegiate President!

Add your college's name to the Cyber Collegiate pledge by starting your own cybersecurity club on campus!

How do I start a Cyber Collegiate club?

Cyber FastTrack can provide you with everything you need to run a successful club. From recruitment resources to free speakers/workshops, and licenses to the number one training platform for young adults - you'll be supported all the way!

What can I expect as a Cyber Collegiate president?

Serve as on-campus leaders in the movement to inspire more students into cyber. You'll be responsible for recruiting members, hosting meetings using resources created by Cyber FastTrack, and managing campus logistics.