Simplifying and accelerating the path to a cybersecurity career for college students

Cyber FastTrack puts you on the quickest and most cost-effective path to a well-paid and in-demand career - whatever your starting point!

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Fun, practical, real-world training

"I think the coolest part was modifying the source code in inspect element, seeing how cookies can be modified, and performing sql injections on website forms."

Enjoyable learning

"You will enjoy and challenge yourself in new ways, even if you ultimately decide not to pursue a career in cybersecurity."

Huge prizes and college support

"I am extremely grateful for having received this award. I think that there need to be more scholarship opportunities in the field of cybersecurity."

01 | What is Cyber FastTrack?

What is Cyber FastTrack illustrated map of the program What is Cyber FastTrack illustrated map of the program

Accelerate your pathway into a rewarding cybersecurity career for free

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Routes into a cybersecurity career can feel unclear - not with Cyber FastTrack.

Yearn to clear your student debt? Land a rewarding career that will help you pay off your student loans in no time.

Learn real cybersecurity skills that can help you graduate with an advantage over your peers, and fast-track your way into the tech industry.

Earn a scholarship and industry-recognized accreditations to help you stand out to prospective employers.

Any college student in the US is invited to train and compete in the Cyber FastTrack program. More information on who is eligible for each of the prizes in this program can be found here.

02 | How does Cyber FastTrack work?

FastTrack your career - from no practical cybersecurity experience to career-ready in just a few months

Learn cybersecurity skills that take you to the next level

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Skyrocket your real-world experience as you train across 200+ realistic cybersecurity scenarios in CyberStart.

It's time to ditch the textbooks and start learning the practical skills employers want to see! Crack codes, find security flaws and dissect criminals' digital trails in CyberStart's hands-on training platform, all at your own pace. From binary to programming, you'll develop real skills by training using fun challenges built by an expert team of security professionals.

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"Through interactive challenges, puzzles, and real-world scenarios, I have gained a deeper understanding of topics such as cryptography, network security, web security, digital forensics, and more. This hands-on approach has allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application."

No textbooks or lectures, just fun, online challenges.

Learn both offensive and defensive security skills.

Helpful Field Manual and hints when you're stuck.

Perfect for beginners through to the advanced.

Earn up to $21,000 towards further training

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Land scholarships towards world-class training through the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation.

Win life-changing college scholarships for cybersecurity training by showcasing your growth and determination as you play through the CyberStart challenges. Visit the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation website for more information on this year's scholarship opportunities.

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"I am super excited to continue my cybersecurity learning journey and I'm so grateful that I won't have to pay a penny thanks to the NCSF."

Top scorers will be invited to apply for a $3000 scholarship to cover SANS Foundations and the GIAC Foundational Cybersecurity Technologies (GFACT) certification.

Scholarships will be awarded to the highest-scoring eligible players, subject to a minimum score of 20,000 points in CyberStart.

Qualifying participants who already hold the GFACT certification may be invited to apply for scholarships to cover a more advanced SANS certification course.

Gain the qualifications to impress in your next interview

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Get certified and build a skillset desired by employers at the Cyber Foundations Academy.

Accelerate your cybersecurity career-path with hands-on technical training, an industry-recognized GIAC certification, and interactive sessions with world-class instructors and experts. You'll learn the fundamentals of computer hardware, cloud computing, Linux, networking and many more desirable cyber skills.

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"The Cyber Foundations Academy covers more than your average cybersecurity course and I greatly appreciate the level of breadth that the course goes into. It lets me know about the various career paths I can take in this growing industry."

Hands-on lab experience.

Video tutorials and industry stories presented by SANS CTO James Lyne.

Quizzes to consolidate learning outcomes.

Workshops and webinars with keynote speakers and experts in the field.

Final exam delivered by GIAC.

Get hired in your perfect career

Illustration of a character that has been hired

Gain comprehensive experience and industry connections to get your foot in the door to your dream role.

By the end of the program, you will have the foundational skills, training and certificates to secure an entry-level role in any cyber-related field. Plus, throughout the program, you'll engage with industry experts, professionals, and learn from students already in internships or on the path to industry. Gain advice, industry insights and the opportunity to connect with CIOs and cybersecurity businesses to secure your perfect role ahead of your peers!

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"Receiving the Cyber FastTrack scholarship has fundamentally changed my future. I have completed my first certifications and I now have more experience and knowledge to back up my resume. I feel like I am on my way to a great future!"

Loveona has earned internships with the U.S. State Department and a Fortune 500 company since winning the CFT scholarship.

Students love Cyber FastTrack

fun challenges
potential salary
community of CyberStart players
training scholarship

03 | What are the key dates?

Key dates

Registration for 2023 opens:

Oct 16 2023

Registration and gameplay closes:

Jan 11 2024

Semifinalists invited to apply for scholarships:

Jan 12 2024

Scholarship application deadline:

Jan 30 2024